Fund Raising for Harry

WR2On the 11th June, 2016 all of the staff in the NRi office (11 people) will be competing in the Wolf Run at Stamford Hall.  The aim is to raise awareness and funds for Harry Brown, who is the Grandson of one of our employees Dave Brown.  Harry has quadriplegic cerebral palsy and depends on his mummy and daddy with all aspects of care, transfers to equipment and getting around.

We are looking to raise money specifically to help towards the purchase of a Molli suit which is an elastic body suit fitted with electrodes, it helps to reduce pain from tension and spasms. It can also help with mobility. This suit has been developed by a Swedish chiropractor who then worked with neurologists and paediatricians to design the Molli suit. The idea of this suit is for it to be worn every day for an hour or every few days for 3 hours to get the benefits of the electrodes. This special suit will prove a huge benefit to Harry as he currently has to take medicine for spasms and is now on a new one which is rather unpleasant.

I’m sure you’ll agree this is a fantastic cause and all NRi staff will be doing their bit to help Harry and his family by attempting to complete the Wolf Run muddy obstacle course!

Harry Brown

Harry Brown


We’d be hugely grateful for any support you can offer to help Harry buy his new suit. You can read more about Harry and make a donation by visiting the official donation page here:

Many thanks again for your support and keep watching this space for pictures of us after we’ve completed the Wolf Run …. Help!!